Tuesday, February 26, 2008

List of New Proxy Servers

There is a list of new proxy sites which is updated regularly. A proxy server does not last long and couldn't work for a long time as it has been detected by the administrator of many community websites or any kind of server if the proxy site has been using for a long time. And therefore old proxy server becomes ineffective once it has been detected by the administrator.

Therefore, it is time to use new proxy server if you want to remain active in most of the community websites or server. In most of the college network or office internet connection, some of the websites or communities are blocked by the administrator of the network for different reasons. And if you want to unblock those websites or communities from a computer in the office internet network or college internet network, then you must use new proxy server.

For example, orkut is a community website which has been blocked in most of the colleges, schools and offices and if you want to unblock orkut, then you can use new proxy server for orkut. I regularly update the new orkut proxy servers on the right hand side, above and below this page.

MySpace is another community website which is very common in the whole US and it is the most busy community website. Many people use MySpace as a place to promote their business. Now if you want to surf MySpace anonymously, then you can use new MySpace proxy servers.

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